About Us

Originating in 2004, the first memorable haunted house in Shelley started out locally in the home of Desi Richards. Desi’s love and energy for Halloween created many memories for the community. The thrill and energy wore off on friends and family, one of them being Andrew Christensen. Andrew had a vision of an even bigger haunted attraction, so he got to work.

In 2006 he held the first Haunted Attraction at the local Virginia Theatre. A couple Years passed and the attraction received the name “The Theater of the Lost Souls” which was fitting after rumors leaked that there were real ghosts spotted in the building!

Right at the 10 year anniversary mark of running “The Theatre of the Lost Souls,” the team purchased a historical building next door to the Virginia Theatre and decided to open a second haunted attraction. They took on the name “Lost Souls Attractions” and opened “The Hospital of The Lost Souls!”

Every year “The Theatre” and “The Hospital” are produced, constructed and run by Andrew and his wife Camilla Christensen. Their passion, skill and creativity, show in the incredibly terrifying experience you’ll have as soon as you step inside.

They still have Desi and many other friends, family and volunteers who work hard to help them each season. Without them, they wouldn’t be able to bring their dream and the ghosts to life!