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We had a frightful time. My niece came all the way from Montana and said it was by far, the best haunted adventure she's been to.

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  • Real ghost encounters in the Theatre

  • We met with some of our volunteers and friends to gather their stories of the eerie encounters they've had at the Theatre.   If you think you have had one of your own ghostly encounters at "The Theatre of the Lost Souls" please share it with us in the comments below and we will feature your post on our website and Facebook page.   Bearded Man In 2011 two of our volunteers were[...]
  • Top 5 Haunted Hospitals

  •   To get you all exited for our newest haunted attraction "The Hospital of the Lost Souls," we've prepared a list for you! Here are 5 of the scariest hospitals in the world!   5. Nocton Hall Hospital Nocton Hall began life as a stately manor home in England until World War I, when it was taken over and used by American forces as a place for injured soldiers to rest and recu[...]
  • What Happened to After Hours?

  • For quite a few years "The Theatre of the Lost Souls" has offered "After Hours," the chance for people to go through alone after the haunted attraction was closed for the night. People could pay extra and sign up for a reserved time slot, but unfortunately we are not offering this anymore. I know! I know! We are extremely sad to be canceling this great event after so long, but here's why it had[...]