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We had a frightful time. My niece came all the way from Montana and said it was by far, the best haunted adventure she's been to.

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  • The Hospital of the Lost Souls

  • Anyone who’s ever lived in the town of Shelley knows there’s an old building on State St with the words “Hospital” still visible at the top. The building was built in 1903 and has played several roles in the community such as, restaurant, club, and room and board, but perhaps the greatest mystery is when it was a hospital from 1909 to 1926. Few people around today can remember any patient stor[...]
  • The Theatre of the Lost Souls

  •   The Virginia Theatre was built 100 years ago by a fan of picture films. It’s modern equipment and elaborate scale seemed out of place in a small town like Shelley, but it never seemed out of place to the community. Many people remember seeing older movies there with friends. The theatre has a long history, and has gone through many different owners over the century. One of these o[...]