Real ghost encounters in the Theatre

We met with some of our volunteers and friends to gather their stories of the eerie encounters they’ve had at the Theatre.


If you think you have had one of your own ghostly encounters at “The Theatre of the Lost Souls” please share it with us in the comments below and we will feature your post on our website and Facebook page.


Bearded Man

In 2011 two of our volunteers were scaring in the basement, as they waited for another group to come down they noticed an eerie shadow standing in the back of the room. They called to it but received no response and when they stepped closer they saw a tall man with dark hair and a full beard. Another group came down so they got back into position and when they looked back to where the man had stood, there was no one there. They insisted we must’ve pulled a prank on them, but none of us were down there and none of our volunteers matched the description they gave us. 

Who’s There?

In 2010 a girl was scaring for us and traded places with another girl upstairs to give her a short break. After they traded she noticed a person with a glowing face sitting by the wall and assumed it was another volunteer because they were dressed in black. She tried talking to him/her, but it remained silent and stared at her. The girl she’d traded with came back and said she’d been the only one assigned to that room and when the other girl nervously pointed to the figure it was gone.

Hang Up

Another time in 2010 we had a girl assigned to the basement on her own, she tried to call her Mom before another group came down, but hung up abruptly. She saw someone crouched down in the corner in front of her and asked why they weren’t in their spot. The person lifted a visibly white face revealing a ghostly girl about eight or nine. The ghost looked angry, the room grew cold and our volunteer curled up in a ball. She glanced at the door to see if anyone was coming and when she looked back the ghostly figure was gone.


In 2009 after closing we were cleaning up the last few things at the ticket counter, the doors were locked, the lights were off (except the entry) and the volunteers had gone. From the auditorium we heard a loud crashing sound, followed by hurried footsteps and thought someone was sneaking around. One of us ran upstairs to the light booth to light up the auditorium and the other stayed by the front door to make sure the intruder couldn’t leave. With only one exit, there was no way anyone could escape without us seeing. Yet we couldn’t find anyone and we had searched the entire place up and down. We also couldn’t find the cause of the crashing sound because there was nothing out of place. Let’s just say we left with chills running down our necks that night.

An Audience

When Halloween is over, people participate in and watch community plays at the Virginia Theatre. One of our good friend’s thought he was alone in the auditorium practicing his solo, but when he looked up from the stage he saw he had an audience. A little girl in a white dress was sitting quietly in a nearby seat, watching him.



  1. by Alora on October 7, 2011  5:29 pm

    My sister and her husband build and run the haunted theater so I've been in there lots and one time we played night games there. One of the games we played was to walk backwards down the aisle of the dark auditorium til your feet hit the stage, then run forward out. I was too chicken to go backwards but I agreed to go forwards so I slowly walked to the stage. When I finally got there I turned around and saw a black figure run up the opposite aisle and out the door. Everyone says I just scared myself but I swear something is up with that place. I'm also helping at the ticket counter and always feel like someone is standing behind me.

  2. by Tawnie on November 12, 2011  4:18 am

    I did when I visited the theater of the lost souls haunted house attraction IN 2010 and felt the spirit of the little girl I believe it was....I felt instantly like I wanted to burst into tears one second on a staircase and then the feeling passed almost immediately afterwards. Then a few steps down the same staircase I felt like crying again. It mad me feel really sad.

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