Real Haunted Theaters in America

That Fall feeling is in the air, kids are going back to school, the fair has come and gone and Halloween is going up all over the stores! It gets us in that spooky mood and we thought we’d do a little research to find other Haunted Theaters in America.


So no more rambling let’s get right down to it… drum roll… here are 5 Haunted Theaters we found worthy of mentioning in our list!


#5 The Virginia Theater – Shelley Idaho

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Okay so you didn’t think we’d compile this list without including our own hometown theater did you? But all bragging and town pride aside, there are many who are convinced that this theater IS in fact haunted. Built in 1918 the Virginia Theatre has been around for ages showing movies and plays. In the 1990’s it closed up and sat abandoned for years until It was re-bought and renovated to show community plays and host events. During the Halloween season it hosts our very own “The Theatre of the Lost Souls!” The perfect setting for a Haunted Attraction, the theater still has a lot of it’s original housing such as the old coal furnaces under the stage!

But that’s not all that makes this theater interesting, it has it’s share of mysterious stories as well. From a small girl and her father who were supposedly killed during the construction of the building, to a bearded man who housed venomous spiders in the basement and mysteriously went missing.

There have been sightings of dark shadows, a tall bearded man, and a little girl sitting in the auditorium seats or huddled in a corner in various rooms. Some even reported seeing a lady with long white hair wandering around and strange noises and crashes are heard all around. I guess we won’t need scarers in our attraction for much longer if our ghostly friends keep on paying us a visit!


#4 Lincoln Theater – Illinois

Lincoln Theater

It’s said that previous buildings at this site had fatal fires, there are rumors of a ghostly stage hand that roams the rooms of the theater he once cared for. Strange sounds and apparitions have been seen on the staircase and balcony.

People have seen ghosts in the audience and felt cold spots. They’ve also seen a young couple who still wanders around the theater and sometimes you can hear footsteps on-stage. (


#3 Belasco Theatre – New York City

Belasco Theater

David Belasco was a Broadway producer in the early 20th-century, he was a lady’s man who was always oddly dressed in monk’s flowing robes. Supposedly his ghost haunts this theater-district. The theater, originally named the Stuyvesant when it opened in 1907, featured a duplex apartment for the producer.

The Belasco has held some of the greatest Broadway productions, including August Wilson’s “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” in 2009 that was attended by President and Mrs. Obama. But despite these famous visitors there are still nerve racking sights and some not so sought after guests.

David Belasco’s robe-clad figure has been reported in the office which was once his old apartment and on the balcony. Some women reported being mysteriously pinched, which they guess is Belasco. (


#2 Palace Theatre – New York City

palace theater

I suppose all ghosts become famous, but this theater is home to the ghost of famous actress and singer Judy Garland who starred in films such as “The Wizard of Ozz” and “Meet Me In St Louis.” It is well known that Garland suffered from a dangerous drug addiction that later took her life.

The theater started as a vaudeville house in 1913 and became the hot spot for touring singers, dancers, and comedians. The stage has had performers such as Harry Houdini, Will Rogers, and other stars, But musicians in the orchestra pit aren’t as thrilled to attend the performances as the audience.

Legend has it that a special door was built in the pit for Garland’s entrances and exits, and that her spirit is sometimes seen in the doorway.  (


#1 The Dock Street Theater – Charleston South Carolina

dock street theater

Charleston is full of haunted places, and one of the most well known is the Dock Street Theater. Built in 1809, the theater is rumored to be haunted by two spirits. One is a woman who was killed near the theater after being struck by lightning. The other is Junius Brutus Booth, an actor who is famous today for being the father of John Wilkes Boothe, (who killed Abraham Lincoln)

Both Ghosts are said to wander around backstage at the theater, and many performers claim to have spotted them. (



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