What Happened to After Hours?

girlFor quite a few years “The Theatre of the Lost Souls” has offered “After Hours,” the chance for people to go through alone after the haunted attraction was closed for the night. People could pay extra and sign up for a reserved time slot, but unfortunately we are not offering this anymore.

I know! I know! We are extremely sad to be canceling this great event after so long, but here’s why it had to be done.

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of “The Theatre of the Lost Souls,” we are opening a brand new second attraction this year! “The Hospital of the Lost Souls.” This building is in an actual old hospital that’s over 100 years old, and it’s located right next door to “The Theatre!”

So in order to give our guests the two most frightening events of their life, it takes extra time, dedication and work. However, for those still interested in ghost tours, we are considering giving them in the old Hospital” in our off-season. Who would be interested in that? Let us know in the comments!